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June 15, 2005

Vol. 1, Issue 4

Published the third week of every month.


Dear Friend,


As the weather is getting nicer in New York City, I am finding that more and more people are looking to get together to catch up.

With that said, this month I am focusing on 5 networking mistakes I hope you avoid this spring. In addition, my Featured Network Partner is Colleen Molter of QED National. I first met Colleen over a year ago and have learned from her more about Minority & Women Business Owner opportunities and what having a certification means than I could have imagined.

Some friends have asked if they can send this newsletter to friends or use excerpts in their own newsletters. The answer is Yes! You are encouraged to share the contents with others with appropriate attribution.

And I would like to thank everyone who submitted his or her own creative marketing message using the Silver Rule. I have included a few examples below.

Have a great month!

- Beth

Beth Silver

FEATURE ARTICLE: 5 Networking Tips to Remember this Spring!

By Beth Silver

Now that the sun is beginning to shine and we are all excited to venture out and meet new friends, I wanted to remind you of a few tips which I hope will come in handy as you set out for that next networking breakfast or lunch.

Tip 1: The Definition of Networking is Important

To network means to understand what another person does, who their target is and who else they are looking to meet. Networking is not sending mass emails to people you have met for a few moments. For me, networking means I need to know as many different people as possible so that when my friends and colleagues are in need of something, I have a frame of reference to help. Networking is not meeting someone to get you more business. When people learn about what you do and see a need for your services, they will refer business to you naturally. When networking, your goal is to form a relationship.

Tip 2: The Power of Thank you

Thank you may be two short words but I can't tell you how powerful they are. If someone introduces you to a new colleague, be sure to give him or her an update as to the progress of the relationship. I cannot tell you how much a simple thank you email can do to your networking efforts. About a year ago, I learned that a gentleman I was going to meet sent a written thank you note to a friend of mine. Once I learned how gracious he was, I went out of my way to assist him as he was looking for a job.

Tip 3: It's both give and take

If a colleague is helping you with introductions or assistance, make sure you are reciprocating. If there is nothing that you can do at this time, be sure to tell others of this good deed.

Tip 4: Results may vary

Remember, networking is not a sale. It's a relationship that forms over a series of lunches, meetings, conversations, etc. It takes time. If you are expecting immediate results, spend money and advertise.

Tip 5: A good mood counts!

If you are not in the mood to network or in the mood to have some fun, Don't. You will not put your best foot forward or be your best and others won't meet the real you. When meeting new people, put your best foot forward and use The Silver Rule.



This month, I am featuring Colleen Molter as my featured network partner. I first met Colleen over breakfast and almost immediately we started working together. Colleen is President of QED National, a Certified Women-Owned Business that provides technical solutions through staffing. Those who know Colleen agree, that she is a truly wonderful person!

QED National's philosophy that building solid teams for technology projects requires experience in both IT and staffing permeates throughout the firm. QED National provides consultants and employees to global organizations in the public and private sectors including the Financial Services and Technology industries and city, state and federal governments. Their reputation for locating candidates that are the right fit allows them to locate qualified candidates over 90% of the time.

In addition to her work at QED National, Colleen devotes a lot of time working to improve business practices for Women & Minority Business Enterprises. She has chaired the Public Policy Committee for NAWBO-NYC and currently serves as a New York City appointee on the Small Business Advisory Board where she chairs the Procurement Committee. When Colleen is not working at QED National and promoting the work of all MWBEs, she is the coach for a boys traveling soccer team in Rockville Centre, New York. To learn more about Colleen visit her website at, email her or 212.481.6868.

This month QED National is conducting its first public IT survey. If you would like to take the survey, click here.

Colleen Molter

Using The Silver Rule

Last month I asked for readers to submit their own Version of The Silver Rule. Here are a few examples.

My name is Andrew Boardman and I am a designer who believes in the power of usable and persuasive design. My firm, MANOVERBOARD, helps companies and non-profits create, build, and develop clear, coherent, and compelling websites, logos, brochures, and stationery systems. Clients like Barneys New York, Red Three Consulting, and Stonewater Control Systems call me to make sure that their design and marketing goals are met with care and consideration. Because, I provide personal customer service, no-nonsense technical consultation and customized designs, my clients, located throughout the country, continue to come back. I can be reached at 718.809.2085 or

My name is Steven Weitzen, and I am a corporate/business attorney with the law firm of Morea & Schwartz in New York City. Clients choose working Morea & Schwartz and me because we are impeccably thorough and understand their specific needs. In my practice, I work with clients on every aspect of their business. My clients are public and private corporations, LLCs, partnerships and sole proprietorships. My work includes drafting and negotiating contracts in every area of corporate/business law: buying-selling businesses, shareholder arrangements/agreements, securities offerings/issues, venture capital, banking, with an expertise in Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. When clients need assistance in the areas of tax, litigation, trusts and estates and employment law, my partners are available to work on those matters as well. I can be reached at Morea & Schwartz, 120 Broadway, New York, New York 10271, T: 212.810.2400, F: 212.810.2410,

Stacy Robin and The Degania Group identifies and creates opportunities for closely held companies to save money, find money and make money. The firm implements the practical aspects of business, operational, organizational and communication strategies to enable business owners to meet their goals in less time, with less effort. Stacy Robin can be reached at 877.334.2642 or

My name is Jennefer Witter and I make people famous. My firm, The Boreland Group Inc., raises the visibility of my clients by developing a creative public relations program that resonates with their target audience. We have clients in many different industries but each is passionate about what they do. To see how we can help make you famous, we can be reached at 718.543.1503, or



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